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panele w trawie

We provide complex advisory services as well as legal services for businesses from the energy sector, including the conventional electro-energy sector, gas industry, liquid fuels, heating industry and renewable energy sources. Legal services provided by our law firm include proceedings concerning the extraction of mineral resources, environment protection as well as issues from  the geological and mining branches of law, in particular:


  • Advisory and legal services for transactions and investment processes in the energy and renewable energy sectors;

  • Help in acquiring necessary decisions concerning environment protection, such as:


  • Permits and concessions on conducting activities such as production, processing, storage, distribution and trading of fuels and energy,

  • Decisions on the conditions of site development,

  • Decisions on connecting to the energy network,

  • Building permissions.

  • Preparing legal opinions in the branches of energy law, environment protection and waste management in regard to EU directives and regulations;

  • Drawing up drafts of agreements along with other documents for the public procurement tenders, with particular regard to utilities;

  • Legal support and participation in negotiations apropos of connection agreements;

  • Conducting legal disputes with energy markets entities;

  • Representing clients of the energy sector in legal proceedings, both on the level of national and EU legislation;

  • Representing energetic enterprises before courts and other institutions in cases concerning the relevant pursued business activities, in particular regard to representations before the President

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