KW Kruk and Partners Law Firm


We are an independent law firm providing legal services to Polish and foreign corporate clients, financial institutions and public administration bodies (state and local goverment) for more than 20 years now.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best legal solutions, optimally and precisely adapted to their individual needs. 

A team of our lawyers has knowledge of the specificity of operations, problems and legal aspects of individual sectors of economy, which enables our correct assessment of a business situation our Clients are in, and allows us to adjust legal solutions to attain the intended objectives.

The team of our lawyers possesses  not only extensive  legal knowledge but also the ability of  proper assessment of our clients’ business situation. When  proposing solutions our lawyers take our clients’ business goals into account.

We operate throughout Poland , cooperating with lawyers and renowned law firms from other Polish cities.

In order to achieve the best results, we also cooperate with:  


  • Foreign law firms

  • Foreign lawyers

  • International law organizations

  • Notarial offices

  • Tax advisors

  • Detective firms

  • Persons with recognized scientific expertise and vast  experience in a particular business sector

  • Expert auditors and specialists in different fields


Thanks to continuous cooperation with foreign law firms, we have plenty of active contacts all over the world, and we can provide Polish firms operating abroad and foreign businesses operating in Poland with complex legal services.

Our lawyers provide legal services in the Polish, English, French and Russian language.

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  • Thanks to our RICH PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND EXTENSIVE LEGAL KNOWLEDGE we offer our Clients transparent and reliable legal solutions.


  • KNOWLEDGE OF SPECIFICITY OF INDIVIDUAL SECTORS allows us to correctly assess our Clients’ business situation and propose adequate legal solutions.


  • Our permanent COOPERATION WITH SPECIALISTS in different fields ensures comprehensive legal services to our Clients.


  • Thanks to PERMANENT COOPERATION WITH FOREIGN LAW FIRMS we are able to provide legal services to Polish entrepreneurs abroad and to foreign entrepreneurs operating in Poland.


  • INDIVIDUAL APPROACH to each Client allows to correctly identify their needs and offer tailor-made solutions.


  • PROFESSIONALISM, RELIABILITY, TIMELINESS and INVOLVEMENT are the features that guide us in our day-to-day work. Thanks to those values, we provide all our Clients with the highest-quality legal assistance which meets their expectations.


Our law firm supports activity of the foundation "Sprzymierzeni z GROM".

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