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Advocate, Partner 

Specializes in criminal law in the broad sense of the term. Advises and represents clients in commercial criminal proceedings as well as in criminal and fiscal proceedings.

Provides legal assistance at every stage of the proceedings, from preparatory proceedings to the final and binding conclusion of the case, representing clients before the judiciary and tax control authorities.

In her professional practice in the field of criminal law, she focuses mainly on crimes related to illegal practices of members of corporate bodies, actions to the detriment of companies, crimes against the credibility of documents, against property (mainly fraud under Article 286 of the Penal Code), against economic trading and against trading in money and securities.

Has experience in providing services to entities operating in the real estate sector. Specializes mainly in providing services to housing communities with respect to, among others, the manner of managing the real estate in question, representation at meetings and the manner of adopting resolutions. She also provides advisory and legal services for housing cooperatives, real estate managers and developers mainly in the scope of drafting contracts and other legal acts, negotiations and current issues related to real estate management. Represents clients in civil proceedings before common courts.

Specializes in labor law cases, providing services to both employees and employers. Focuses mainly on preparing and issuing opinions on employee documents, including employment contracts, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements, work and remuneration regulations and other documents constituting the basis for cooperation between entities. Helps solve disputes between employees and employers, also representing clients in court disputes.

She also specializes in foreigners' law, representing clients in courts and before state administration bodies. Provides legal assistance mainly in the field of obtaining all permits for residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland and acquisition of the real estate by foreigners.

She speaks English.

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