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Mediation is a voluntary and confidential form of dispute resolution aimed at reaching an agreement between the parties, conducted with the support of an impartial mediator whose role is to assist in reaching an agreement between the parties. They are an attractive alternative to long-lasting and costly litigation. They also often allow to work out solutions that are impossible to achieve in court. In addition, an agreement concluded before a mediator, after its approval by the court, acquires the legal force of the court agreement, and the agreement, which was approved by giving it an enforcement clause, is an enforceable title in a case on the basis of which enforcement proceedings can be conducted.


Negotiations are a process of communication between the parties, based on mutual proposals aimed at finding a solution that will be a mutually satisfactory compromise. We support our clients during business negotiations preceding the conclusion of a contract or other business venture, as well as during negotiations aimed at resolving a dispute at the pre-litigation stage or during its duration. Our goal is to achieve the most advantageous solution for the client, both in business and legal terms.

We provide comprehensive and professional legal assistance at every stage of litigation. However, because our goal is to quickly and effectively settle a dispute, we also offer our clients alternative dispute resolution methods, including negotiations and mediation.  We represent our clients during negotiations and mediation with contractors, creditors, and litigants. Our professional practice includes conducting negotiations and mediation within the broadly understood commercial law, including civil and white-collar crimes. We have extensive experience in negotiating legally complex agreements and commercial contracts.


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