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Nowoczesne miasto

Our law firm specializes in complex legal services related to real estate, construction law and investment processes in construction industry which cover the following fields:

  • Preparation and implementation of investment projects, also in construction industry;

  • Comprehensive representation of contractors applying for a contract;

  • Preparation and evaluation of tender documents in procedures for the award of public contracts related to investment processes;

  • Preparation of legal opinions relating to disputes at the stage of investment implementation;

  • Analysis of legal statuses of businesses and real estate;

  • Real estate market;

  • Processes of changing ownership structure of immoveable property;

  • Representation in disputes relating to real estate divisions, as well as in enfranchisement proceedings;

  • Negotiating and implementing of contracts for construction works, contracts related to engineering supervision and executive contracts;

  •  Local-government and national infrastructure investments in the construction of roads and bridges;

  • Advisory in the processes of preparation and coordination of investment in construction industry, also those implemented based on FIDIC conditions

  • Representation in disputes before courts and public authorities (common courts, administrative courts, National Board of Appeal)

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