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Using our knowledge in various areas of law, experience in foreign jurisdictions, and using specialized software and appropriate investigative tools, we support online frauds victims in the complex process of tracking and recovering stolen crypto assets.

In order to effectively advise our clients in navigating the complex legal and regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies, we cooperate with both cybercrime and cybersecurity experts, cryptography specialists, but also coordinate our activities with law enforcement and regulatory authorities. We also work closely with international legal organizations and foreign lawyers in the process of tracking and recovering stolen crypto assets.

We also follow new regulations and legal interpretations on an ongoing basis, important for cryptocurrency holders and people involved in blockchain transactions.

We provide assistance in the complex process of recovering stolen cryptocurrencies. Our activities are aimed at:

  • collecting evidence

  • identification of criminals

  • damage assessment

  • lost crypto assets recovery


We conduct proceedings against natural and legal persons who have committed hacking incidents and frauds with the use of cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens, our services are directed to institutions, companies, and individuals who have been victims of this type of cybercrime.

  • We conduct analyzes to track down stolen crypto assets and beneficiaries of cryptocurrency transactions.

  • We help at the stage of completing the evidence material.

  • We support our clients at every stage of criminal proceedings in the event of theft, extortion or fraud, in court and before state authorities.

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