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Our law firm has extensive experience in providing legal advice in reorganizing and restructuring of business entities. We also provide legal advice at all stages of the bankruptcy proceedings. Our lawyers provide legal assistance in restructuring processes conducted under the new restructuring regulations that have entered into force on 1 January 2016. We render advisory services both to private and public entities. We act both in the name of debtors – entities that have found themselves in a difficult financial situation which threatens their continued operation, and in the name of creditors pursuing their claims against debtors.


Legal services in out-of-court restructuring proceedings (reorganization of companies) include:


  • Preparing optimum legal structure of a given entity

  • Conducting legal analyses (due diligence) to determine the scope of restructuring measures

  • Legal advisory services in choosing optimum organizational and legal forms of activity in terms of finances and taxes

  • Drafting all necessary documents related to restructuring

  • Ongoing counseling and supervising the entire process of restructuring

  • Counseling and representing Clients in relations with employees and trade unions in changing employment conditions and other restructuring related agreements

  • Representing clients in all proceedings related to restructuring, including before administrative bodies and before common and arbitration courts


Legal services concerning in-court restructuring processes include:


  • Providing legal advice on choosing the optimal strategy of restructuring

  • Representation of the Client, legal advice and legal supervision over in-court restructuring proceedings

  • Representing Client in preparing and approving of the composition agreement

  • Support in implementation of remedial measures

  • Drafting petition for initiation of in-court restructuring  proceedings and drafting all other necessary petitions, pleadings and complaints

  • Preparing the restructuring plans and all needed documents


Legal services in bankruptcy processes include:


  • Carrying out legal analyses of the situation of the entity as regards bankruptcy declaration

  • Preparation and legal advice in the process of liquidation of entity’s assets

  • Preparing bankruptcy petitions

  • Representing clients in bankruptcy and enforcement proceedings

  • Representing clients in dealing with court supervisors and trustees

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