KW Kruk and Partners Law Firm


Court and arbitration disputes

Our services in respect of court and arbitration disputes include preparatory activities, drafting statements of claims and other pleadings, verification of evidence and attending court hearings and sessions.


  • We provide opinions on justifiability of instituting proceedings or resigning therefrom

  • We draft  pleadings, opinions and analyses

  • We offer legal representation in court and administrative proceedings before:


  • common courts

  • arbitration courts

  • public administration and local government authorities

  • international arbitration courts in association with foreign law firms,

  • The Supreme Court


The scope of our services includes both preparatory activities (analysis of claims, construction of a procedural strategy, assessment of existing procedural options), preparation of a lawsuit and other pleadings, as well as collection and verification of evidence, as well as participation in meetings and court hearings.

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