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End of negotiations between the EU and China on the protection of geographical indications

Author: Joanna Bogdańska - Attorney at law

The stage of negotiations between the European Union and China on the protection of geographical indications has been officially concluded. Work is currently underway to prepare the text of the agreement in accordance with European Union and Chinese regulations. The agreement is to enter into force before the end of 2020.

The agreement is already considered as a breakthrough in relations between the European Union and China. It is intended to contribute to the strengthening of trade relations, to the benefit of the agri-food sectors of China and EU countries, as well as consumers. Above all, however, the agreement is intended to provide entrepreneurs with certainty and security in the marketing of products, including the prevention of counterfeiting of geographical indications.

The agreement is intended to protect European geographical indications on the Chinese market, as well as the Chinese market on the European market.

During the negotiations, a list up of 100 European and Chinese geographical indications to be protected under the agreement under negotiation was drawn. During the following four years of the agreement's validity, this list is to be extended by an additional 175 geographical indications names for each of the parties.

The current list includes the best-known European geographical indications such as Rioja, Irish Whisky, Champagne and Barolo. Polish geographical indications are to be protected by a designation: Polish Vodka.


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